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Team Report


Script Title: Bill’s Adventure

Fan Jin, 9548051

Joey Manuel, 9568915

Musonda Mulomba Kalema, 9576940

Yen Ting Tung (Tim), 9563367

Story Summary:

This story is about a first nation’s character, Bill, who animates a company’s logo. He’s role is to represent the company’s logo in a short animation.

The Story:

Bill is given the company logo to deliver to the town center. On his way through the forest he feels that he is being watched. He turns his head and looks through the trees and sees some red eyes looking at him. He panics and decides to start running. Immediately he starts the trees start rattling and two zombies jump out to attack him. He avoids there attacks but ends up falling into a near-by river which leads him down a waterfall. He manages to survive the fall with the logo still intact and rests on a rock. As he lay on his back on the rock to rest, he looks above him into the sky and gives a startled look. He throws a tomahawk onto the screen and the screen blacks out. and then fades out into company logo. The End

Character Sketches

1. Sarah





Sarah is the CEO of Zombies United (ZU), a company that does its best to give equal rights to zombies around the world. She was once a human but was transformed into a zombie after she was infected by a virus called the K-Virus. The virus was a result of a failed cure for leaukimia and spread like a wild fire around the world. An antidote was later made to prevent the spread but could not work on those already infected. Instead, it gave them the ability to think and live normally with others, even though they are still rotting. She also works towards finding a cure as she still yearns to be human


Sarah enjoys taking walks at night in parks, video games (especially zombie shooters) and eating dry worms. She has a pet iguana that usually loves to feed on her flesh or hide in her rotting arm.

2. Kukuchima



Advanced Theftologist (Expert Thief)


Kukuchima is a Theftologist major graduate student who died in a car crash after deciding to end his life due to the lack of jobs for his field. Three years after his death, the K-Virus outbreak occurred and one his colleagues thought of bringing him back to life after witnessing the effects of the failed cure. He dug up Kukchima’s body and injected him with the virus. Two days later, Kukuchima awoke to find his body rotting and smelly. His colleague explained what happened and told him that he brought him back to life to use his expertise. He wants to use Kukuchima to steal some documents from Zombie United. Kukuchima is up for the challenge but realises his current state may prove hard to manage.


Rotting and killing birds with his bad breath.

3. Beon



Police Officer


Beon is the LAPD’s finest officer. After learning of the K-Virus outbreak, he sets out to Carochi town to find his girlfriend, Sarah, to rescue her from the threat. He reaches the town only to find that he was too late. The town is in ruin and Sarah has already become a zombie. He goes in a state of hysteria as he cannot stop loving her either way. He sets out for a while to look for a cure and to decide whether he could spend his life with Sarah in that state or not. He is a gun arms expert and has an extensive knowledge of explosives. His greatest motivation has always been doing the best for his girlfriend.


Planning how to ask his girlfriend to marry him, working out and eating a lot of chicken.

Carochi Road Scene



The picture above shows one of the scenes of the animation. It shows Beon’s truck moving through the roads of Carochi town in the forest area looking for his girlfriend, Sarah. The forest area is filled with a variety of trees and animals. The road is a dirt road that has a few pot holes and small hills on it. A river also silently passes through the forest.

3 second flipbook

Animated Storyboard

Final Story

end of semester



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